New Players

If you are a current, incoming or prospective student and are interested in playing rugby at York College of PA, contact a captain or team officer, or simply attend a practice. As both an athletic and social club, the YCWRC strives to foster an experience unlike any other available at the College.

The YCWRC embraces individuals of all skill and experience levels. A number of current members were athletes in other sports prior to joining the club. Basketball, soccer, track, and cheer leading, all demand skills that translate well to rugby. Positions in rugby are diverse, requiring players of all strengths, speeds, and sizes. Learning rugby is a quick process, and the club's coaches and veteran players provide assistance every step of the way.

Weather permitting, the YCWRC holds practice on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday evenings from 4:00pm to 6:00pm at Stallman Field/Field 1. The club commonly plays 1-2 matches each weekend, providing a chance for every player to compete.

With coursework, jobs, and other commitments, absences are understood. However, members with ideal attendance are considered first for playing time.

Compared to other sports, equipment costs are minimal to begin playing. New recruits will need a mouth guard and a pair of cleats. Soccer cleats are fine, however, football and baseball cleats are not legal in rugby if they have a toe spike. For practice sessions, durable athletic clothing is recommended. Members will have the opportunity to purchase rugby-specific gear at the beginning of each season.